Subject content is organized around themes or perspectives called Global Contexts. They are designed to encourage the students to make worthwhile connections between the real world and classroom learning. When teachers select a global context for learning, they are answering the following questions.

  • Why are we engaged in this inquiry?
  • Why are these concepts important?
  • Why is it important for me to understand?
  • Why do people care about this topic?

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These contexts build on the powerful themes of global significance that structure teaching and learning in the Primary Years Programme (see below), creating relevance for adolescent learners.


Primary Years Programme (PYP) K – G5

Trans-disciplinary themes:

Middle Years Programme (MYP (G6 – 10)

Global contexts:

Who we are Identities and relationships
Where we are in place and time Orientation in space and time
How we express ourselves Personal and cultural expression
How the world works Scientific and technical innovation
How we organize ourselves Globalization and sustainability
Sharing the planet Fairness and development