apAssessment of Application

Decisions regarding admissions can only be made once the process is complete.  In order to complete the process, all documentation must be received by the school.

The school will admit students who can benefit from the education offered. A child will only be admitted if the school can offer a program that will meet his or her individual needs. This will be discussed with parents at the initial stages of application process prior to any formal application being made or accepted.


IB Diploma and admissions

BIS offers the IB Diploma courses in the final two years of school. Given the nature of the curriculum, BIS is only able to admit students who have the language background to successfully access the courses of study.


Entrance Age

Admission to the school requires that applicants have reached the appropriate age by the 1st of September.

Pre-school (3) Three years by the 1st of September
Pre-school (4) Four years by the 1st of September
Kindergarten Five years by the 1st of September
Grade 1 Six Years by the 1st of September
Grade 2 Seven Years by the 1st of September
Grade 3 Eight Years by the 1st of September
Grade 4 Nine Years by the 1st of September
Grade 5 Ten Years by the 1st of September
Grade 6 Eleven Years by the 1st of September
Grade 7 Twelve Years by the 1st of September
Grade 8 Thirteen Years by the 1st of September
Grade 9 Fourteen Years by the 1st of September
Grade 10 Fifteen Years by the 1st of September
Grade 11 Sixteen Years by the 1st of September
Grade 12 Seventeen Years by the 1st of September

The school reserves the right to admit an applicant outside of these age requirements on a case-by-case basis. The Head of School may make exceptions to this procedure at his/her discretion.


Promotion & Retention

The underlying premise for all class placements is that the social and educational needs of the student are being met in a consistent and professional manner. A student may be considered and recommended for promotion to or retention in a grade after a thorough examination of the child’s status by the Head of School in conjunction with Principal and teachers. Typically such decisions are reserved only for cases where students are performing well outside the bounds of their class. The final decision to promote or retain rests solely with the Head of School.


Special Needs

BIS welcomes students with a wide variety of skills and abilities. However, students with special physical, academic, emotional and/or behavioral needs will require careful consideration prior to admission. BIS has very limited resources to devote to children with special needs and a child may not be admitted if it is felt that the school cannot provide an ongoing program of instruction that meets the needs of the student.


Withdrawing Students from the BIS

When a student is to be withdrawn from the school, especially during the school year, please notify the school office in writing as early as possible. Parents should make themselves familiar with the requirements for early departure in terms of obligations to meet fees and charges that may still be payable. Please contact the accounting office for clarification.


Parent’s Knowledge of English

While it is not an entry requirement it is strongly suggested that, In order to work in partnership with the school and be involved in your child’s education, at least one of the parents should be able to communicate with the school in English. This will enable better and clearer understanding of the school routines, classroom practices and expectations related to teaching and learning. Only in exceptional circumstances will translation be available. Parents may, if they wish, bring a family member or friend to help with translation.